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Sane Friends

In My Face

International Networking Night was last night in my area and I worked the door like I did last year. 350 people piling past me. During the 2 open networking times I could give a crap about talking to anyone. Having so many people shoved in my face earlier had burned me out. I did get to see many old faces which was nice. The first speaker I enjoyed very much while I played usher at the auditorium door. Something I hadn't done in 26 years since RKO theaters. The biggest thing I got from him was to think big instead of the incremental steps. By thinking big and then working backwards you would make bigger accomplishments instead of the small steps forward. It's just two different ways of thinking. I can feel this as I'm running around today trying to get this marketing venture off the ground for myself and other business people.

I did stop to see my Mom before I went since it was right down the road from her. She was having dinner so I got to help feed her. She did okay and I was satisfied when she told me she was good. Any initiation of choice is good in my book.

Due to being out the whole night I decided not to call Asp like I usually do every night. Also since 2 out of the 3 nights I couldn't even reach her. I was surprised this morning that she didn't even realize it since she said she went to bed early. I can feel the distance growing between us. In talking with a friend, I decided to ask her to get together tonight. My thought which I didn't vocalize was to see where things were and talk. Asp didn't want to stating she was crabby. I'm happy being friends with her, but anything else has just died.

It's snowing down here again. I'm really hoping I don't have to shovel again tomorrow. Especially since I'm coming here to the office tomorrow.

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