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I stopped to buy new shoes since the ones I had were starting to get old. Walking through Sears to get to the shoe store I saw they had a sale on shirts. I had wanted to get a pink shirt, but they didn't have any large. I can't believe that I need to buy a large dress shirt. Enough years in the gym has broadened me that I can't wear a tie in a medium anymore. I know I'm going to have to do this more often to replace my wardrobe which continues to shrink with the more muscle mass I put on. Then afterwards it was a visit over to Barnes & Nobles where I ended up buying Anthony Robbins book that I've heard talked about several times this week. It's his older book About Awakening the Giant.

It all worked out for me since I had my neighborhood meeting that I had to run this morning. Since it looks like this is going to be happening in the future I need to make plans to make it worth my while.

Then I had a lunch meeting with people on Inc. 500 list in my area. My business coach had invited me. Their would be others like owners of banks, Fed Ex in my area, etc. I was surprised that I was okay with this until I walked in. Holy shit did I feel out of place. With that I stepped out for a minute to call a friend and say a fast prayer before going back in. On the way back in I ran into someone I did know and had been leaving messages for. So we ended up talking which got me into different groups of people. When I first walked in everyone was already in groups talking. I made the mistake of putting them all up on a pedestal. What got me back to normal was that old story about John Lennon stating that he puked before every performance. Hey we're all human.

The last thing on my business social itinerary today is to stop by for a photo shoot to update my business picture which is 6 years old. So the new shoes, shirt, and tie got some mileage on them.

After all my patients today I'll be happy to attend game night with the singles and relax. At the end of the day it will be nice to go home to an empty house. I have to admit Tone and family put a hurt on the place. They got rid of a ton of stuff. Two huge dumpsters full to be exact. There is actually now 2 cars in the garage with plenty of room still left which amazed me. All these years there has only been the one which made it tight.

Today is officially Eric's birthday. I left a message for him before. I'm hoping his mom and him went to the Museum of Naturally History like they planned. You just never know with her though.

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The business meeting sounds good. I love those types of things! I used to get real nervous as well, but after forcing myself a few times I lightened up.

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