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Buried in Complaints

After my business meeting with my coach Friday it was very evident that the way I'm doing things isn't working out. Like I do with relationships I usually spell everything out cause I know if I hope they just get it their will be a problem. From running bigger offices I know this stuff, but it wasn't the greatest of experiences. However the basics of what was done then is very important to being successful. What do I keep doing is avoiding it for some strange reason. However this weekend was a time or realization of stop hitting myself with a 2x4 in trying to recreate the wheel when I have the training to make it work. My personality will make it different. I see in the small changes I made over the last month that this is correct. Sometimes my black and white thinking works against me.

Pool with the singles yesterday was fun although I was surprised that more people didn't come. I did end up leaving my license there and I was happy that another member called to let me know cause I wouldn't haven't realized until I needed it. Who knows when that would be?

The evening with the GF was fun. It was nice seeing her again. Asp made some chicken fried rice for dinner which was yummy. Afterwards we relaxed while watching TV. One thing I'm still processing her is that we aren't always on the same wave length. The percentage is higher than I'd like and I'm trying to figure out where it lies.

Asp did help me out this morning with her most attractive quality to me. Her ability to complain when something is wrong. While many would shake their heads at this, I have a hard time with this. Hence I'm attracted to people who can do this. I pulled into my business parking lot today to find the whole place unplowed and ice covered sidewalks. This is a business killer. I was complaining and saying I would need to go get a shovel to make it safe for my patients to come in. Asp was like call your landlord and get him to clean it. I knew she was right, but hell if I wanted to do it. However I did pick up the phone and talk to my landlord. He said they were already on their way. It's funny since I don't automatically go here. I go to the place of how can "I" solve it instead of getting the person responsible to do it.

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Hi! Happy February. Women are far less afraid to ask for help men always want to be the fixers themselves : ) You can't help that you are hardwired that way! :)

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