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I've been a bit on the negative side the last few days. Business being slow and problems with Asp have not helped. The funny thing is that I had a dream with Eric in it the other night where something got dumped on both of us. He was upset since things hadn't turned out like he wanted. I told him that he still didn't know how things would turn out. Then he grew up right in front of my eyes. It was interesting.

Anyway I was trying to get out of this funk today since I was really having a hard time being happy or excited about stuff as I talked to people. One of the people from the small dinner around the corner stopped by with their specials for the day. He was trying to talk me into their T Bone special and that he would deliver if I ordered. Nice, but no thanks. Anyway 20 minutes later he comes back in and says here take it since we have an extra. Free T bone steak with all the fixings. It was nice to have a kind act happen and cheer my spirits up. This combined with the sun finally appearing has done much to make me feel better.

On the real Eric front. I talked to him last night and knew something was bothering him, but he wasn't saying. However before I got off the phone his mom told him to tell me that her dad was back in the hospital and that their schedule might be off for a while. There was my answer. He still didn't have much to say, but I told him to call if he wanted to talk about it. Plus I re-enforced our visit next week.
To avoid boredom in the office today I ran a few errands. Most people will wonder why, but I stopped to pick up a new bulb for Asp's microwave. Stopped at a few businesses to show my face and then a trip to the thrift store. I did score pretty good today with a copy of Apples to Apples for game night this week. Not a big fan of the game, but many people like it.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

It's always nice when someone shows us a random act of kindness.


What a special treat of meat!

I am actually more impressed that you bought a bulb for you GF's microwave. That would score major boyfriend points and major treats!

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