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Monday's Work Out

I'd like to report that I'm happy and it's a busy day in the office. Two things that I do like. If it was like this everyday that could be a good thing.

I had a petty feeling moment Saturday which has lasted till now since I really haven't mentioned it yet to anyone. So here's your news flash. Asp went shooting on Saturday. When we were dating I was trying to get this scheduled for us since she had stated the desire to do so. However with us falling apart it never happened. I guess it's some part of grief, but it did make me feel wonkers for a while.

One thing I don't like about the gym is that women don't wear their wedding rings while they work out. I'm not even going to go into the women that wear rings on their ring finger just for the hell of it. Anyway I usually shoot to the gym during the day when I have an opening at work. Most of the women I run into are in the senior set or stay at home mom's/wives. I say this because their is a woman I run into every so often. She's an older version of the Planner in looks, so I'm very attracted to her. Now I usually just run in and out of the gym like a duck mating since the women I meet are in the above category. This woman seems different though. So I might have to start slowing down my routine to see if I can chat her up.

I was thinking of using a reminder phone call service for the practice. However I'm not quite sure how cost effective it's going to be. Since my volume is still low I might just call the newer and problem patients to remind them. My established patients have this down pat.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

There are people like me who you wont have to call so dont waste your money on them. I have NEVER missed an appointment. Just concentrate on the ones you know are forgetful.

I go to a womens gym for exactly the reason you are talking about. Uggggh I dont think I would want a guy hitting on me in the gym. Well I guess the good side to that is he has seen you when you are most sweaty!

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