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Quiet Tuesday

When I got home last night I was amazed to finding both driveways glowing. Well not actually glowing, but boy did they stand out in the dark. I knew we were getting the house pressure washed yesterday, but I didn't expect the driveways to be done too. I didn't even park on it last night since it was so nice to look at.

While yesterday was a great day in the office, today is less than spectacular. So I've been working on a few presentations that I want to do to talk to a some local businesses. I finally took down all the stuff from the health fair that never happened. Plus packed up everything I no longer needed here in the office so I can get the massage room going again.

The local recreation center I go to stopped by today to offer me the last chiropractors spot on their magazine rack. If they didn't want all the money up front I might consider. In my profession people don't usually look for me until they need help. I know a few of the people down there and have gotten a few patients that way. While people putting my face with what I do might be nice I'm not quite sure it balances out the price tag.

Since my evenings are busy this week L and I are beach walking tonight before I meet the singles for $1 movie Tuesday. We're seeing Up in the Air tonight.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I'm sorry dude, but that quote just made me literally laugh out loud... it deserves more than a "LOL."


That's a real quote? Wow! LOL!!!

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