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Sane Friends

Getting Back to Normal

Well it's day 1 of getting back to my regular scheduled program. I never really gave my heart to Asp so it's not really painful. However just daily habits need to be exorcised like the texting and calls. I have to admit it was nice to sleep soundly last night which I hadn't been doing all week. So I dropped off the replacement bulb for her microwave in her mailbox today after my appointment with OVDC. If she text me to thank me I'll have an idea if she can do this friend thing or not.

It was good to get to the gym today and I need to get back in the swing of things with that. I've been spotty all year long which is no good for me. Plus this week with going to see Eric I won't be walking with L.

Every once in a while I clean house on FB to drop people I don't really communicate with. I don't need to have a million friends in my counter. I just need to have people I care about. So I got a rush of them over the last week from people I dropped off over the last few months. I was surprised Tango girl put a request in. While I think she's very attractive I don't think we have it to make a relationship. Although I haven't talked to her in a while and I knew she was new from marriage then.

I tell you since my car broke down 2 years ago when I went to visit Eric I still get a dread fear when I'm going to drive up there. It's been with me for a week or so now. That waiting for the other shoe to drop. I find myself getting in my car thinking it's not going to start up this time. I'm really trying to let it go cause it's not helping me any.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Ironic, Mike. I left work tonight to find my tire flat! Go figure.


I couldn't be friends with an ex, I don't know how you do it.

My car broke down about 10 years ago and I still get scared it will happen, even though I have a different vehicle.

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