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NY Visit 2/10

Another Eric visit has come and gone. I always worry that our time apart is deteriorating our connection, but I was happy to be proven wrong. It's like the bib I give out to my new parents which states "what you teach me from zero to three will matter the most to me." I really connected very well when he was young and it still shows now. I was very happy that all my birthday presents went over well. I did a lot of research on a DS game and Big Bang Mini was suppose to be a hit and it didn't let me down. Eric was hooked.
I made my standard pasta for us, taught him how to cook it, and how to not have the pasta stick together. On his side he taught me how to tango. In his gym class he learned tango, rumba, fox trot, and meringue. All we every learned in gym class was how to square dance which has so much application in real life.
I'm happy to say while we were both sad Sunday, Eric didn't fall apart like he use to and we were able to have a fun day. I didn't put his mom down, but I made sure that he knew when she could drive him to the airport then we could have longer visits again. I've spent too many years taking the blame for everything.

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Eric is a good-looking kid! I'm so glad you two got to spend his birthday weekend together.



So glad to hear that it was a nice visit. And I agree, he's a very handsome young man!

Awesome that your connection stays tight despite the distance.


I'm am so happy you had a great visit! I hope he starts in on his mother about getting to the airport!


Wow, Eric is the absolute spitting image of you !!!!
He looks so much more grown up then his last photos.
I am so glad you had such a wonderful visit. When you have the bond you two do no time or distance will ever penetrate that bond. He is lucky he has a Dad who loves him so much and these memories will last with him for his lifetime.

What DS game did you buy that he loved so much. I have to buy a gift for my my nephew who is 8 and I know he loves his DS so I could use a recommendation.

Reading your blog is always so enjoyable. Your struggles, your triumphs and day to day stories make for very interesting reading. I don't comment very often but I am one of your regular readers.


Sweet - Thanks. Couple more years and its really going to be something.

T - I work hard at keeping at it, but I still worry. It's nice to see it paying off.

TOM - You and me both.

Colleen - Thanks for reading. He's growing so fast it scares me. I got him Big Bang Mini for the DS. Even I enjoyed it a lot. He was hooked with it over the entire weekend. I got mine off of Half.com for $10 brand new.


Very sweet photos. So happy you had a good trip. Eric will cherish the time you had together because you make it so special and your focus is only on him.

Love the bridge picture!

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