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Sane Friends

Farsight and Hindsight

One thing I realized this week was that my ex might have gotten my Mom's insane and abusive aspects. Asp got her neuroses and her distance. I knew when I first met her that I felt very safe with her and I know that kind of stuff is never a good thing. To have too much intimate knowledge of another person off the bat is always a warning. I've never had the safety warning before so I ignored it. I've had the felt very connected and know the person very well warning. It's always unfinished business alarms and like a proximity alarm I should stay away.

The one thing that keeps playing in my head is that Asp said it already hadn't been working for her. It's this stuff that I don't understand. If she knew than why all the other conversations about being distant and working on getting better. Oh well like many things it's something I'll never know the answer too.

I'm altering my rules about dealing with problem people and my singles group. As you probably know it's a $5 annual fee for the group. I get so many people who want to discuss it, how much money I'm making off it, etc. My new rule is that these emails get deleted. If its going to take this much energy to decide to spend $5 then I don't want you in the group. As this is the first week after all annual dues were due. I'm getting a bunch of these emails. I can't believe so many people waste so much time over the amount.

Since its Superbowl Sunday I figured most places would be dead and that was deal when I stopped to get new front tires for my trip to see Eric next week. I felt bad for a woman who stopped by and had a flat tire and had to get a new tire. A new one on sale was $205. In the waiting room she asked my if that was normal and I told her it was. I should of asked where she was from but didn't since I knew English wasn't her first language. With an SUV type vehicle a tire is big bucks.

While sitting there I was reading all the signs about all the new devices and indicators in the newer vehicles. Looking at all the stuff I think cars are becoming cost prohibited to people.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Good plan about the Meetup. $5 is nothing and they get the pleasure of not having to 'think' or 'organise' but just turn up and have fun. I would refuse to debate it. If they can afford to go out they can afford a $5 annual fee!

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