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Jello Molds

I hate swimming. No not that kind. Swimming in my clothes or shoes. I do like snug stuff. I'm a briefs guy instead of a boxer for that reason. Got to have my boys supported. The last thing is I need laces on my shoes. I've tried many times when I'm buying shoes to check some loafers out, but yuck. My foot is slipping and sliding inside.

The reason for all of this is I went to see Up in the Air last night. I thought it was a great movie. Everyone liked it in the singles group, but the guys seem to enjoy it more than the women. I know why, but I won't spoil it for you. Anyway one of Clooney's big things is lace less shoes so he can quickly get through airport security. Stay with me here as I switch to how my weird mind works. Twice a week I need to go out to get the paper off the driveway and sometimes out of my car. For these quick runs it is a pain to have to lace up my shoes. I could get some slippers to make the run, but I think I'd rather complain about it.

I did realize last night I need one are to kind of fuck around in. Since I've been on myself to get everything that needs to be done at work which is going well. I find myself needing to have another part of my life kind of dangle. It's like pushing on jello. Push in one spot and it comes up in another. However I use to always have a small pile of stuff in my place. I just always had to have it to have the other 90-95% done good. Nowadays that pile is gone. So I'm trying to slide that ability over to this.

I had a pleasant surprise last night when I looked at my email. A long lost friend had contacted me. We hadn't talked since 2005. He found an old email saved with my address still on it. It was good to catch up and hopefully the contact will stay.

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