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Sane Friends

Sinking Friday

What stated as an awesome day at work has now struck and iceberg and slowly sinking beneath the waves. Most everyone has called and rescheduled which I'm happy about. I wasn't planning on coming in tomorrow, but since almost half my patients are now coming in tomorrow I made the concession. I hate when things change so fast.

No word from my Mom's doctors, but I'll stop by the hospital later to see if they are releasing her today or not. My hope is they are. It was nice that Asp texted me yesterday to see what was going on.

A night out at the Funny Bone last night with the singles was much needed. They comedians were good and the crowd even better. Nikki Glazer was joking about taking phone pictures of her privates to send to her boyfriend when one of the women in the front told her how to do it better. This same woman announced later that her fiancee wasn't working out, he was probably gay, and hadn't bought her a birthday present the last 2 years. It was hilarious.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

They probably cancelled due to weather. Speaking of cancellation, my friend was supposed to fly out to visit me from NY but his flight got cancelled :(


I haven't been to a comedy club in a while...I need to find one!

As for sexting...not a fan of it. Too scary!

Hope your mom is OK and back home again.

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