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It's been in the book for months. I've been gathering everything up for it. I've called for advice on how to get the most out of it. I packed the car up with a ton of stuff today and went there. No one was there. I guess somewhere along the line I got out of the loop of today's health fair. I'm grateful I didn't cancel any appointments for it, but I was looking forward to the event. Usually I don't verify these things since they are a large to-do and involve so many facets that once scheduled it happens unless the world ends. I left a message and we'll see what happens.
Today's gripe is still from last night. This week was a high "no show" week. Some had good excuses like the patient that lost her job that day. Hey life happens. Another was someone I reminded 2 days prior and he still forgot. So I'm fully instituting as of March first a $25 charge for no shows. Since I don't double book to keep wait times down I really get screwed when someone doesn't show. I have to admit it's usually the same people over and over so if I lose them it's not really a loss.

It was nice to come home last night and cook dinner which I hadn't done in over a week with Tone and family in the house. I did some mild straightening up and I'll vacuum the place tonight. I'm always amazed at how much I desire stability in my home life. I guess never having it for most of my life has left me with that. I moved some of the stuff they left lying around to places that were out of my way. Most of the house I don't care too much about, but I do like the breakfast nook, kitchen, and my bathroom kept neat. The other 4 bed rooms I could care less about since I can always close the doors. However I would like it to be nice to look into. When I start having guests over I'll do something with the living room since its still partially personalized to the landlord.

Today marks the first Saturday in a month with no snow which I can't believe is a stat here. It actually is a very nice day and I'm doing my weekly beach walk with L today.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Im curious as to how you are going to actually get the $25 no show fee out of the no-shows. I guess if they ever show up you could demand it before you treat them. If it were me I'd be telling the serial no-shows "I'm booked out" when they ring. The harder you are to get in and see the more they may appreciate it when they get an appointment. Maybe the guy who forgets needs a call the morning of his appointment. Grrrrr. Im sorry but people like that irritate me.


I think a clean place gives us peace of mind and relaxes the spirit. I get anxious when the house is a mess.

I'm glad I found you again! I should have a blogroll!!


Sooz - probably won't, but it'll cut these people out. It's usually the same people that do this.

Ily - Welcome back. I lost you when you went private.

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