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Another Gift

One of my new patients today came out of treatment and saying that was the best chiropractic treatment she had every had. Since I know her and she's been going to chiropractors regularly for 10 years, I figured she'd be a good person to ask why. She said it was a combination of a massage and chiropractic care plus she didn't feel rushed through the office. At least I have an idea to what people mean when they say this since I'm hearing it more often. However how I get them to tell others is problematic. I think I'm going to have to video tape everyone and put on my website. I already have written testimonials. The video will kick it up a notch.

I finally got back to the gym today after 2 weeks off. I need to get back into a routine again. Not having one isn't good for me nor is the lack of strength training. The stress of dealing with Asp this week has been a good motivator to get back in.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Don't worry about how you get them to tell others. If they think you are good, and I bet you money that you are, they will certainly let others know.

Must be nice hearing it though. :)

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