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Sane Friends

With a Little Help From My Friends

"It is good that she takes things slowly, so when you get to second base you know that it is special for her and she doesn't get there with a lot of men. That tells you how special YOU are to her."

My friend Paru emailed me this and it was nice to hear. The benefit of talking to so many people is that I get many different points of few beyond my narrow range. Law girl already texted me saying how much she enjoyed the night.

It was funny last night she was joking about my animal magnetism since all her animals gravitate towards me. Especially one of her cats whom I have a complete mental block on remembering her name. By the end of the night she was snuggled all against me.

Sitting in Starbucks today I was happy to have told Law girl how I felt because sitting there I could feel the difference in me when I looked at other women. It's like she's pretty, but that's it. I'm very happy with Law girl and not looking for anyone else.

One of my Mom's nurse's wanted to talk to me since Mom doesn't like the food which is really weird since she always had a great appetite. The nurse did say it seemed to be the presentation of the food. She wasn't losing any weight, but they did want her to be a better eater. I had no clue besides junk what she would want. I did recommend that she see the dentist to make sure nothing was going on in her mouth. She downed 2 chocolate chip cookies no problem with me though.

I got thrown into a rage yesterday. I've signed up for health insurance something I haven't done in years. If you don't know this everyone is classified into 4 groups. 1 being the healthiest to 4 which is the worse with 5 is uninsurable. I use to be a 1 and I figured with me taking meds for my low grade depression I would be a 2 since other than that I'm healthy. The bastards graded me a 3. WTF!!!!! My ex is a 4 and she has a laundry list of health problems. Boy was I livid. I did contact my broker friend to see what he can do.

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The only thing I hate more than douchebags is insurance companies.

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