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Sane Friends

This is Why

I got a email from L today. I would like to share:

Hi Mike,

How are you? I am assuming that your sex life with the paralegal is going strong and uninhibited since you have not found the time to write. By now, the two of you must be performing all kinds of orgies and watching porn together. Those two activities are very "inspirational." At any rate, if you want to share some of those imaginative moments, whether real or fantasy (or as the wise George Constanza put it, "if you believe, it's true") I am all ears...or eyes in this case. :-)

PS: I tried to find you on Match, but you have disappeared, one more reason why I thought you and the legal assistant were exchanging fluids in a serious manner.

This is one of the reason's she stays an ex. When I'm not dating anyone we will sometimes joke say hi to each other, but L really has no boundaries.

6 people had cathartic therapy:

wow...for a woman she has some serious balls. Why is she so nosy...that is really none of her business. The sex with her might have been good...but you were smart to run far far away from that one.



Yikes! No wonder you want to stay away from this one!


Personally I think she's jealous. She blew it with you. And some people, if they can't have someone, they don't want other people to have them either. Shes throwing stuff out there to see if you'll bite and give her the lowdown on what's going on between you and Law Girl. Then she'll know whether or not she really has anything to be jealous of.


She has no idea what the hell she's talking about. Nobody has an orgy and watches porn at the same time. That's just silly.


Sheesh ... you might need a vial of holy water and a cross to keep that one at bay. Good luck. Tina

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