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"Good morning! Looking forward to tonight! :)"

Law girl left this text on my phone this morning. Getting text are still weird to me, but it was nice and made my day. She had beat me to the punch so I emailed her back how it had made my day and I how I was looking forward to seeing her tonight.

I'm not quite sure if Law girl is bad with signals or its her shyness. So I'm going to be a little more direct with her tonight. She's had no problem with it up to this point so I'll see how it goes in the kissing department.

It's a day of reschedules so I'll do some errands and see my Mom. Also I'm working on marketing to people with better insurance. This and last month has seen a growing number of Medicare and Optima in my office. While I'm happy to see them, it's $60 less than my good insurance and about $10 less than my cash patients. So it hurts in the wallet while everything else around me goes up.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

A good text like that always makes my day! Law girl sounds nice, I think I like her.

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