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Shall We Dance

Since this semesters dance class started I haven't been too enthused about it. I know it's a class and a certain amount of work is needed, but that's the problem. At my age I'm looking to have fun, not master anything. Salsa classes are becoming too much work and less and less fun. I just want to go back to the clubs and enjoy dancing when I want to. Hey I might not be the best on the dance floor, but that was never my purpose. So I'm still thinking, but I'm starting to lean towards letting it go. I also think something else that is pushing me is that 15-20 year age difference between me and everyone else. Law girl says I can easily pass for someone in their twenties and I think everyone at dance forgets it, but its really hard to bond with them. I have much more fun with my singles group which has most everyone around my own age.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Well if it's not fun anymore, don't go. Seems like a waste otherwise.


Screw it. Dancing should be fun and a stress RELEASE.


You just need to find a club that has lessons prior to open dance. Usually, there are a lot of people in the same boat and around the same age. And since it's not a formal class you'll be exposed to many different people with different skill levels.

Boobs is right, it should be fun.

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