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Sane Friends

The Lunch Date

It was great to see Law Girl today for lunch. The only bad thing was that we both wanted catfish and they only serve it on Friday. Since that was the only bad thing it was a good time. We talked and joked around. Then I asked about her bolting thing at the end of the dates. She stated she didn't realize, but she wasn't nervous with me. Whatever the reason she didn't bolt today and it was nice to have a prolonged goodbye. Also after I asked the question she was more affectionate. So I'll see how kissing is next time and if that needs to be addressed more directly.

Since she has her son this weekend we can only get together either Friday or Saturday. Now I need to see what is happening and plan accordingly. What was really nice and a surprise was that Law girl paid for lunch. Never have a problem with a woman who wants to pay. It seems we are rotating paying back and forth. Cool.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Don't all girls rotate in paying in this day and age?

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