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I'm the vice president of my BNI group for 2 reasons. 1) I'm very organized and 2) I'm a hard ass. So we've been having a problem with one member being late. She's way over the limit and we've talked to her. So she had someone call her last week and she was there nice and early. This week she passed on the phone call and I was right there 2 minutes after the hour to toss her out. The President was like it was 2 minutes and I'm like if it was important she would have been here 30 minutes ago. She begged and I caved and told her next time would be it. She was upset through the meeting and I had to work on not picking up the "I feel bad" vibe since I wasn't the person in the wrong.

On the Law girl front we're suppose to get together for lunch on Thursday. Too many nights out tires her out for the day. How I ever got to be dating such a vanilla woman is beyond me. No complaints. She's different from any women I've ever dated, but our backgrounds are so night and day. I guess it hits on that aspect of "being normal" with a normal person. It rattles me every once in a while. That want to wreck it for no other reason that the chaos it would produce. It's kind of the same when I want to pour liquid on my laptop. I never do, but the feeling comes.

On the home front, Landlord accepted a new tenant. So I lose my alone status which I've had for a year and a half now. Shelly moved in two weeks ago, but I've not seen her since. She has only slept there once since then. She hasn't even fully unpacked yet. Who knows. Anyway in the room next to mine I'm getting Amy a 25 year old with a 15 month old boy. Hopefully the kid sleeps. Amy is a waitress so hopefully she isn't up to early to wake me up.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I must be missing something because you seem like the ultimate definition of vanilla. You were concerned in a past entry about someone holding hands with you being too intimate. Of course, I rarely read this and I probably miss alot so this is just my opinion. This woman seems very nice, btw.

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