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Sane Friends

Easter Dinner

So Easter Dinner at Law girl's went very well. I got her a card to celebrate the holiday. I had already met K her daughter, but I got to meet her boyfriend. Also I finally got to meet her son D who is a bit shy. Law girl's dad was too sick to make it, but I did meet her mom. Everyone was very nice and it was a fun time.

It's nice to look across the room or table and smile at each other. Pretty much after dinner everyone cleared out so Law girl and myself were able to cuddle up on the couch. Since I always like to be sure I asked her about taking thing slow. She said it was working very well for her. She asked me and I told her I liked it and that I've been dumped in the past for trying to do it. The funny thing is that she is such a wuss (her words) on staying up late. She is definitely not a night owl. I have to admit that I am so relaxed around her that I start getting drowsy.

Even though we are taking things slow she is very good with the affection of rubbing the back of my head, shoulders, or hands. Since we connect on so many levels I don't feel like I'm missing anything without a sexual connection.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Glad it was fun!!

Nice to hear you don't feel like you're missing anything without the sexual component. It's a rare thing.


That's great! Not sure I would be that strong. If I don't get it by the 4th or 5th date...I'm thinking there is an issue with one of us(but never believing it is me).

You do know this is the day of resurrection, right?

Looks like you read the barometer right on this one.

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