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Sane Friends


I was texting with Law girl tonight. I know I've moved into the 21st Century. I mostly wanted to wish her a good night sleep. She joked back that I got her early enough which was my plan. So we ended up going back and forth a few times. I've said this before, but I said it again that I think she is special and I'm happy to have met her. I got back a smiley face and a "ditto". The ditto was a icy chill up my spine. The ditto response was what I got from my ex when I use to say, "I love you". It was always such a let down to hear it and I always wanted more. Never got it. So this puts a little fear in me. It's my own and I'll deal with it. If this becomes a problem with Law girl we'll have to talk about it.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I have to admit I have an issue with being verbally intimate as well (and sometimes in texts and emails as well). It sucks and I am working on it, but my fear is so great that I can't get the words out. And if words do come out, they are usually sarcastic or stupid because I'm so nervous.

But trust me, I LOVE to hear all those nice things, even if I have a hard time expressing them.


I'm suddenly so distracted by Ginormous that I forgot what I was going to say.... ;O

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