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Cheddar Approved

A continuance of my Post Date Report.

I tell you the WooHoo Sistahs while they joke around a lot really have thin skins. They found out I was from NY and made a few cracks about they wouldn't hold it against me then spent the next few minutes making sure I wasn't offended. The comment didn't even show up on my radar. If I had to say there was a theme of the night was if their antics were offensive to me. I mean could they get anymore vanilla. Holy shit if I told them about my life they would probably go into catatonic shock. I may have to slip in a story of underage prostitution or drugs and minors or something mild just to shake them up. I don't think they could take the heavy stuff.

Cheddar is one of Law girl's cats and supposedly very particular in who he sits on. It seems that Law girl and her son are the only ones. Well Cheddar had no problem plopping down on my lap for a scratch. I know animals and kids love me, but the Law girl's face was priceless.

We covered the topics that neither one of us was on the online dating site anymore and that we both didn't want anymore babies. So slowly the checklist is being done.

I had to admit I was saddened talking to Paul today to here that he dated a woman years ago with quick kiss problem and his never went away. That would really suck here. I can tell she's a good kisser, but relax and let it flow.

Next Monday the 17th is Law girl's birthday. What is appropriate for 3 weeks of dating?

1 people had cathartic therapy:

It sounds like you guys are on the same page. I hope she moves into long-kissing territory soon.

I would say flowers and a sweet card for a b-day gift. Or something you know she likes... maybe a CD with her favorite song, or something that will remind her of you.

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