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Sane Friends

You Sunk My Battleship

Well it was supposed to be a record day for the office. However with the first 2 patients being no shows it wasn't happening. Kind of like trying to get a something from a movie concession stand for under $5. At least the second person said charge them a no show fee which I was like no problem. I use to feel bad, but I see those days are long gone.

I saw the Comic again last night. During the afternoon I got free tickets to the Funny Bone so I asked. It's great to have someone that is as spontaneous as myself. I didn't realize that I was unable to do that with Asp and Kitcat. The Comic and myself had talked about dating people with kids. At times its like you jump right into married life. Asp was the biggest example of that. Going out was like Big foot. You heard about it, but never seen it yourself.

Anyway it was a great time. All 3 comedians were hilarious. The one thing I realized when I was paying the check was I'm blowing through my budget too fast. I'm going to need to pace myself better with the Comic. I expect to spend when starting dating, but so much at once is starting to have affects. We both had talked about how we handle finances. Not spending what we don't have. So now I just need to put it into effect.

This morning was a little work out for me. When I got home last night I saw that they had started to take the wallpaper down in my bathroom. So it was in shambles. I figured with the shower hose I probably could do the shower this morning with little mess. However when I got up this morning I was like there are 2 other showers in the house. I'm not doing my usual contortion to make things work. I just asked my Tone to use her shower. She had forgotten my place was a mess which is a future worry. In her attempts to get stuff done will my living be affected and to how much.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Time for the cheap but fun dates! Glad things are going well with the Comic. If she ever doesn't show up for a date could you charge her for a no-show?


Anyone who dates me dates someone with kids, but it helps that I only have them half of the time. I have only introduced two men to them, though - I have to be sure it's pretty serious first.


Protection is important. Then again, you know that. I'm sure she does too.


Good point about dating with kids- I kind of feel like my boyfriend and I have jumped into parenting a little bit, and it's an interesting transition. Glad you guys get to be spontaneous, and glad you're having fun!

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