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Sane Friends


Well I'm stating to think my relationship with the Comic will be short lived. Not that I want it to be that way. I'm having a blast with her. Just the old saying, "the candle that burns twice as bright burns twice as fast" comes to mind. While our conversations are normal with a few bumps which I'll talk about later, the sex is over the top. The Comic asked how my day was going yesterday. I finished early and had an hour before going to my Monday night meeting. In a few minutes texting we had it set for her to be here. Afterwards she was like I worse sexy panties for you. We both agreed they looked great on the floor.

I told the Comic that she has awoken something in me. This morning I started the catholic school girl and the priest confessor scenario. Where it came from I have no idea, but my mind is working overtime let me tell you. However its a busy day for me and I have a singles event tonight so we'll see each other tomorrow to walk the boardwalk as the sun goes down.

I am seeing a bump in the road with the Comic. It's her ADD. I was thinking last night how come we never get to finish talking about a subject. Then I realized she can't stay focused on one thing for long periods of time. I see it does vary from time to time. It may be why the sex is so freaking hot in that she really does focus then.

Tone is back at the house today and will be through the end of the week. As usual I don't enjoy the intrusion, but hey it's not my place. I do need to call L's friend to talk more about me moving into her place. I'll have the time tomorrow to catch up on phone calls and other stuff.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Ha - I think my man may have ADD and I'd ask for the Comic's phone# for him but I'm pretty damn funny myself so I'm not sure he'd call her.



All due respect, ADD is not the end of the world. For all you know, there may be other factors at play there.

Some of those may make the ADD-like behavior (don't know if it's actually diagnosed or not) stand out more... say like some underlying worries about whether something that might be a good thing might end prematurely?

That's been known to bite a number of otherwise good people. If you give it a while, it doesn't subside and you can't discuss it, then it seems more radical action is likely called for.

Of course, that little bit of advice and $4.xx will get you a Cafe Mocha at Starbucks. Your actual mileage may vary... ;-)


Hmmm.... interesting how you think it may relate to the great sex.

I say enjoy it while you got it! :)


Well than make the best of it while you have it!

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