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Sane Friends


While I may share superficially about my sex life I usually avoid it since it involves intimacy with another person. However this is too good to pass up and most of the Comics friends know about it. The Comic is extremely turned on by certain things. People in authority are the biggest. When we were at the Mid Summer celebration she was like a moth to a flame with the black knight on his horse. She became all trance like and it was pretty funny. When we first started dating and she learned that I was in the medical field she made many suggestions about me in scrubs. I usually wear scrub pants when I'm lounging around the house. The top rarely gets worn. So last night I was cooking for her and then we watched Defending Your Life. The Comic loved it and if you've never seen it then spend the $2 for the rental. You won't be disappointed. Anyway when we were getting ready for bed I tossed the top on. Actually it worked out great since she had her back to me when I came out of the bathroom. When she turned around it was like I just told her she won Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes. On one hand I have to admit it was pretty freaking hilarious. On the other hand I'm moving slow today and I'm down a quart of fluid. I may have to only bring out the scrubs on holidays and special occasions.

I got my key for the new place last night. Also I measured the new room to see what I can put in there. It's 11 x 17 so I think it's about the same size as I have now which will be helpful. The only difference is that the closet is smaller. I tell you its going to be weird having cable again after 6 years. Although now I can watch the new Futurama on Comedy which will be cool. I'm starting to get excited about it.

Now I need to start working on getting ready for Eric's visit. I need to figure what I'll need for the bus trip to sleep and pass the time. I can read on a plane or train, however cars are out of the question. I'll see how a bus is. Hopefully it will be okay.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

When's moving day? You and this Comic lady are cracking me up...


Get all that from some scrubs??? Yeah, boy! Gotta love it.

Looks like you have a busy weekend in store, eh? Best wishes for a quick move.


I know what you mean, I have a few special things I only wear on occasion because I have to prepare as if I were about to run a marathon for those nights HAHAHA!

I hope your move goes by in a flash!


Think of the damage she could do in a hospital! :)

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