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Sane Friends

I'm a Winner

I got a great surprise this morning when the mailman came. I got a package I wasn't expecting so soon. You see I won a prize over at Bossy Betty. She hand decorated some bells and I was one of the lucky contestants to win. So now this awesome looking creation resides in my treatment room for my patients to adore and be jealous about.

I had a great night with the Comic last night. We went down to walk on the boardwalk. It was nice just to stroll arm in arm and talk. However with impending inclement weather we stopped to eat and drink at a beach restaurant. We've both been there before. As always the food is good, but the service sucks. It's in the tourist area so they don't worry about repeat business as much. While there it poured cats and dogs. The funny thing was that we both realized that as long as it rained we would have privacy to have sex in the car. So 4 blocks of running in the rain left us as two soaking puppies. I have to admit we planned it perfectly cause the crowd drove in a minute after we were done.

Since we were wet and cold I took her over to the Starbucks with the fireplace. It was nice to talk and just relax together. We started talking about our marriages and child raising issues. She agreed to come with me to the art festival Saturday and Mid Summer festival on Sunday. If I can get the extra free ticket from friend I'll have her come with me to the concert Sunday night. The following weekend we are going to go up to Williamsburg to go bike riding which will be fun. A woman after my own heart in not talking, but doing activities.

I was very thankful to her for talking about my trip to get Eric. I know when I get angry with stuff I can just not see all the options. So with talking with the Comic I was reminded of other options. So I'm going to take the Chinatown bus up to pick him up. It's only $95 for both of us. I don't have to drive and save about 1500 miles on my car. I was going to take mass transit to get him, but the NYC website won't give me details on the routes I would need to take. So I'll rent a car for the few hours and go pick him up. Over all the whole think will cost me about how much a round trip drive would.

The Comic invited me back to her place. Her brother and SIL also live there. She really has great decorative taste. Walking in her room is like walking in a museum. Everything has a story behind it. Items from when her father was a child, her childhood rocking chair, etc. It was awesome. It's the opposite of me with very little ties to the past. I had a great time. So things are great with us. I'm trying not to look for the other shoe to drop. I can feel it sneaking into the back of my mind and when I do I pull back slightly from the Comic. So I'm trying to drop it like the bad habit it is.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

"I can feel it sneaking into the back of my mind and when I do I pull back slightly from the Comic. So I'm trying to drop it like the bad habit it is."

Mike, you may want to think about that like your alarm clock going up in the morning. Only in this case, it's your alarm to let it go. Keep letting that stuff go...


Glad to know the bell came through! OH! You really ARE a winner, baby!

Breathe deep and enjoy your time with the Comic! You'll know when it's time to have her ring your bell.


Car sex? I haven't done that in years... OH! Wait, nevermind...

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