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Sane Friends


While it was a great weekend with the Comic. On my personal front its been a rough few days. Tone is having someone do a estate sale on the household stuff. So Jim is going through the house price tagging everything. What I found out this morning in my quick run through is that all the dishes and pots are now for sale and I can't use them. I'm going to have to dig mine out of storage and keep them in my closet so no one buys them. Not quite sure what I'm doing about pots and pans. Mine are so buried its not funny. My bathroom doesn't seem to be getting put back together so I'm going to have to use one of the others in the house.

The next big bump in the road is that L's friend is not sure if she is going to rent to me or not. The sticking point is her alcoholic boyfriend that she is trying to sort out. If it falls apart I have a place. If it doesn't I don't. I'm going to see the place Friday to see if it's even a possibility for me. However I will probably be putting this on the back burner since I don't rely on active addicts for stuff.

Today started at the office with 4 reschedules. I'm happy they called which is a step up from Friday, but I need the business. Things are starting to slide back down which I don't like.

The last thing is that I get a letter from a business wanting to know of what I thought of our business park since they are thinking of buying it. WTF? Can I have any stability someplace in my life. I tossed out the questionnaire because I have nothing to gain by taking my time out to spend filling out 3 pages of questions.

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It's never good when you have someone's alcoholic boyfriend to contend with before decisions can be made...

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