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Can't We Just Cuddle?

After the scrubs incident, my saying to the Comic is, "can't we just cuddle?" She just laughs evilly at me. Last night we went out an had some Vietnamese food before watching Oh Brother, Where art thou? It was an okay movie. I mostly couldn't understand a word anyone was saying with their thick southern accents. We talked about having a dinner and movie each week to share movies with each other. I'll probably bring Eating Raoul or 500 Days of Summer next time around. We'll have a week off from each other while Eric is here which will probably be good for us since we've seen a lot of each other in 13 days.

Tonight I need to start getting the house ready for Eric's visit. While my room is pretty good, the rest of the house is not. Mostly due to the upcoming estate sale. Stuff is on every available surface. So I need to make room to cook and eat in the kitchen area.

My ex asked if she could take Eric to PA before school started on dates that would hopefully not interfere with my next visit. I said yes. However as usual it's just a reminder that the reason she can never take Eric to the airport is crap. If she can drive the 3 hours she can do the 20 minutes to the airport. Hey it's why we're divorced.

The Comic and I measured my present room now and its actually smaller than the new place. I was surprised cause it didn't seem to be. However the measuring tape isn't lying. So I'll probably interchange some furniture like bringing my extra dresser and book shelf out of storage. I'll get rid of the desk since I never use it and put the coffee table in storage.

It's freaking hotter than hell here. The Comic and I were planning to go biking in Williamsburg tomorrow, but that would be torture. So we decided to stay indoors and visit the Chrysler museum. I tell you its one place I would never have thought I would bring so many dates. Usually its a first or second date type thing.

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Good luck getting the house ready!

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