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Sane Friends

And We Have a Winner

Date 2 went very well and she has been christened the Comic. I liked her right away since she has a very likable aura. I shook her hand when I met her and she just hugged me like an old friend which was brownie points on her end. What surprised me was that she was right up against me when we ordered. At least I knew she liked me. I think she is like my brother in that in nervous situations she uses comedy. Hence the Comic name. I have to admit she was very funny and like any comedian nothing was taboo. An example would be the reason she stopped doing laundry was because every time she bent over she got pregnant. The whole spiel was hilarious.

We both were pleasantly surprised with each other. My looks was the major thing with the Comic. She said that my pictures didn't do me any justice. Hey I rather it be that way. On my part I told her that her profile didn't capture her. While the things she said were made in jest it didn't translate since so many people complain. I didn't take it as complaints, but I certainly didn't take it as humor. We were able to grab the comfy chairs to relax, continue talking, and laugh our asses off. What was really funny was that when she went to the bathroom how quiet the place got. I think we are two peas in a pod in that aspect. I know when I'm having fun I'm loud.

After 3 hours I needed to get going to my singles event. So we made plans to try a Thai restaurant I've heard raves about tomorrow night. Hopefully volunteering out in the heat tomorrow for 4 hours doesn't wipe me out. She's a good kisser and promises to wear flats tomorrow. She's 5' 4" and she had on 3-4" heels today. I could tell she wanted to be a little lower to be at my chest level.

The interesting thing was that she did ask what I was looking for which was new. I told her I wasn't casual and I was looking for a relationship. I wasn't looking to get married tomorrow, maybe in 2 weeks though. So at least things are on the table which is a first in starting out.

3 people had cathartic therapy:


Way to go! Glad that you had a good date. That's great to hear. The Comic -- nice nickname! LOL



You know, Mike, that since we have gotten involved in this dating life of yours that your blogging buddies will have to approve of any women you choose. I am liking this one so far. Thought you'd want to know.


I am glad this date went so well. She sounds like a blast!

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