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The Wonderful World of Dating

So is it officially hump day when there is only 4 days in the week? Well my date for tonight died in flames. I didn't have high hopes for it or for the woman since I could tell she was not one for saying "no". She would hint and make excuses, but never come out and say I don't want to do this. The funny thing is that when I sense this I'll push. Why? Cause I have nothing to lose. The woman will either say she doesn't want to go out or just disappear which is the usual. We never end up going out so that point becomes moot. The fun of online dating. Truly I always compare it to bomb dismantling. One wrong move and it's over. And your left wondering should I have cut the red or black wire instead? Honestly if that's all it takes to stop the process, good riddance.

Anyway with that being said I think I have a date for the weekend. The woman is in law enforcement so handcuffs maybe involved. I may have to sign a waiver or something. She asked me for my number and will call tonight. Now on the Seinfeld side of life she does one thing that is really weird. She never answers my emails in one email. It's always in two which is really weird. The first one answers my question in a Tweeter type fashion that is part cryptic. The second one ask me a question. This could have train wreck written all over it. But hey I have time over the weekend and I do enjoy meeting women.

OVDC was the last friend I had to tell about Kitcat and I. Her mouth just dropped when I told her the story. She likes my stories and tries to pass them on to her ex who complains about dating. This from a man who's been on 10 dates in his whole life at age 58. I think I did 10 dates last year alone and I took the year off from dating.

Tone is back in town for a few days. With her here it brings to the forefront of my mind that I'll be moving in the next few months. So my anxiety levels have kicked back up even though things are okay. Until things are in the works I know that this is the way it will be. Pre-anxiety jitters are the worse for me. Doing is never a problem.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

Swing that next date by here for Bossy Betty to take a look at her and I'll give her the once-over for you. Just a service I offer my followers.


Sign a waiver? Hahahaha!!! I should have thought of that years ago!


About signing a waiver, when I dated my 2nd husband, I actually had him get a written ok for him to have sex as he had already had heart attacks and by-pass surgery. Believe it or not, his cardiologist actually wrote a permission note on a perscription pad. I still have it. He died at age 44.


Betty - thanks your the best.

TOM - hey got to protect the family jewels for the next generation.

Middle - Sad to hear of his passing. Wow I never thought of that situation.


So what happened with the one that ended in flames? Did you actually have a date? I thought men like girls who can't say "no." ;)

Sounds like you'll have a more exciting time with the law enforcer, anyway, so long as you comply.


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