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Sane Friends

The Many Moods

Psychiatrist: Well your tests show you're very sensitive.

Me: Bwahahahahaha (well actually I laughed in my head. I think I made the comment of, "yeah right.")

When it was explained to me all those years ago it made sense. Moderation of my internal dialogue of feelings is a rough ride for me. Why? Because I take things to personally. Case in point. Today a new patient called to get some information and then made an appointment to come in. Hooray, I'm happy. Hour later I get the message of cancellation. Now I'm sad. Since I talked to her I take it on the personal side. Dating wise I can understand that it's a numbers game. Business wise I have a harder time. Why, it should be easier. However I guess I put too much of myself out there and when I'm disappointed I look for the problem. Usually I come up with me which isn't always a good thing. Sometimes its like a dog chasing his tail while going down the drain. I have to admit I took it pretty good today than I usually do. However it was a work out and I still have this insane belief that it should come easy.

The new thing in my business group has been people making their presentations like a game show. I have to admit people have done a good job with it. I'm a pretty creative guy, but I have to admit that I'm a bit stumped with this. I can always do a normal presentation, but hey I like a challenge. Now I just need to match a game show with me getting chiropractic information across to them.

I'm really surprised. Tonight is Date Night the movie with the singles. I would have thought we would have had a bigger turnout for the show. At least people usually say they saw it already. I guess the nice weather has everyone thinking about other things.

I was happy to hear that Eric was able to tie a tie. So mission was accomplished. Also Harry Potter has been overthrown by the Percy Jackson books. Honestly I don't care what he reads as long as he is reading. Even as a infant I made sure he always had a bunch of books for him to enjoy. I'm happy that it's paying off as he grows.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I'm the opposite - I take dating issues much more personally but business I can slough off. Today, someone I'd just scheduled yesterday called two hours before wanting to reschedule and left the message, "I just didn't feel like coming in." Really? Then I just don't feel like calling you to reschedule. Think I'll give that time to someone who does feel like coming in.


When I read about your singles group I wonder what I would've been like in such a group. I missed out on that like I missed out on living alone. I've either lived with parents and an older brother or a husband (and now my own family). Weird, huh?


Love the cat pictures. Sometimes I find it harder to not take things personally than other times. I think it helps to remember that people are just plain weird and flaky, generally (in the work and personal/dating world).

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