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Sane Friends

Fast Hello

Sorry to be away so long. In honesty I'm still not really back yet fully. It's been a wild few days and I'll try to fully update everyone with what's been happening.

It was a great weekend with the Comic and its really nice to have someone do all the things that I usually do in the relationship. Like saying that my profile is erased or stating all the good qualities the other person has. So this is really uncharted waters for me. Like German girl said. My number has to come up some time.
The bus trip up to NY went well although I did find it hard to sleep. The only snafu was that I don't have a credit card. I use my debt card which always works for me in the past. However NY rental companies wouldn't rent me a car like Florida would. So I ended having to take a high speed taxi drive to pick up Eric.

The week has been lots of fun with Eric and I'll do a full update when I can. Enjoy the pics of NY.

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Glad you're having fun with Eric! Things sound promising with the Comic-

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