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Sane Friends

It's the Hot Tub

Well after many inquiries I did go see a place last night. It wasn't to far from where I live now. About the same distance to work and very close to the Comic. Like a first date I felt everything out and felt comfortable and safe with the place. The owner had did the same thing I had done. Used our email address to see if we were on Facebook. With that she found my business website which went a long way. The house was very nice, right off a golf course. It had a screened in large porch with bar and a hot tub in the back for my use also. I told her I would let her know today. However I went to the Comics last night and on talking about it and sharing how I felt. I called right back and took the place. Good places are hard to find and go even faster. It's $80 more than I'm paying now which is what I expected to pay. So I'll move in there on the 17th of next month since I can't start working on the move until Eric goes back. I wanted more than 4 days to get everything ready for a move. The Comic offered to help which will be great. I can lift everything except my mattress which is just too long for me. The biggest gift she has is her organization and decorating skills. So she'll be a big help in setting my new room up.

L's friend called yesterday before I knew I would be seeing anyplace. I agreed to see her place today since she sounded more sane. However it was more of an appeasement since I like having a drama-free life. Stepping into her alcohol affected life is not something I want to pay for.

So one duck down and now onto the next. Work and getting more business is the next one although I feel a little burned out on it. I may just need a day or two off with it. Over the weekend I'll get ready for Eric's visit. So I think the neighborhood BBQ is next up on my list.

Tonight the Comic and I are having dinner and a movie at her place. I go over and cook dinner and bringing Defending Your Life for her to see.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Congrats on finding a place so quickly. When you're ready, the right things tend to open up. In this case, they did. Just leaves you now with a lot to do.


One step at a time and you will get through it all!

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