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As I know you guys are vested in my best interest and Boss Betty reminded me of it which was nice. So yesterday was my second date with the Comic. I picked her up from her place and we drove over to the Thai restaurant. She is funny for many reasons, but the old NY Jewish lady is funny. The Comic is not Jewish, but with the mannerisms and voice change she comes across very impressive which goes so well with her look. Anyway we both weren't expecting much from the place since it doesn't look like much from the outside. I mean really doesn't look like much. However it was gorgeous inside. All custom stuff, from furniture to artwork. And the food. OMG was it tasty. They grade the food form 0-5 on hotness. We ordered duck which was a 2, but we asked for a 1 on it. Holy shit I don't want to know what a 2 is since it was freaking hot. A 5 is like just call the hearse cause I'll be dead. Just bury my shoes because that's all that will be left of me.

The Comic wanted an intelligent person to date and it was interesting to talk about spirituality and other things last night. It's good for me since I usually only talk about deeper stuff with people I've known for a long time and trust. Our more meaningful conversations are always sandwiched between juvenile humor which is hilarious. Anyway we did get on the subject of book reading when the Comic found out that Eric reads like I do. She wishes she could read more, but she had ADD and listens to books on tape instead. So I suggested pop-up books for her which we joked about. I asked if she had read the Pop Up Book of Phobias. Since she didn't, but was interested we moved over to Barnes & Noble to spend 2 hours there looking and reading books. It was nice to hold her and her hand as we enjoyed our time together. We ended our time there with two cups of Starbucks.

One thing OVDC has suggested was that I slow things down physically with my relationship and see if that would help. It sounded like a good idea to try, although I had to admit I don't really remember having to put much energy to getting anything started. Anyway that was the plan when I brought the Comic home last night. You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men. A kiss followed by a growl ended with us lying in my bed next to each other breathing heavy and both of us going wow. I felt like Elaine and Putty in Seinfeld.

The interesting things were that the Comic stated that the sexual tension had been high all night which was news to me. Their had been only one moment when she had leaned back into me when she was reading a book to me that I got that sexual jolt. The rest of the night I had just been enjoying. However it did remind me of when we first met and she had been happily surprised that I had been better looking than my pics. I guess I didn't know how much. The other was that I give off the Clark Kent look with my glasses on I learned. She was like I never thought you'd be so sexually aggressive. So this time sex started earlier than normal. So we'll see how it plays out.

7 people had cathartic therapy:

I am glad to see my message got through.

No sex for two months. No.

You heard me.

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Great to hear, Mike. Glad to hear that it's going well.


Nice! She sounds pretty awesome!


Ooooooh, Mike got some...

Hahaha, glad you had a great date!


Glad things have quickly gotten better for you! Keep enjoying the Comic. Oh, but you should listen to Betty too. Or pretend to.


Woot Woot!!!!! You animal you!

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