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Like Pop Rocks & Soda

Well I'm back from my unplanned weekend vacation. I didn't go far, but I ended up staying with the Comic Saturday and Sunday night. It was a weekend of fun events, great conversation, a lot of walking, loss of fluids, and sex. Oh the sex. The soda and pop rocks kind. The only downside to the whole weekend was the heat and let me tell you it was hot.

Saturday the Comic joined me and the singles to hit the Boardwalk Art Show. It was a lot of fun and we were thankful for the breeze. The show runs about 15 blocks. We lost people as we went and the Comic and I made it to 10 blocks before we called it quits since we had to walk all the way back the way we came. It was interesting for me since the Comic has a artist background. Before this date I had been paying for everything so it was nice to hear the Comic say things needed to be give and take.

The rest of the day was spent talking about our past and what we like, as well as our values. I pulled out my Lifestories game which is always fun for getting to know someone. I have to admit that the Comic is the first woman to know that moves less than I do in the bed while sleeping.

Sunday we woke late to meet the singles at the Mid-Summer Celebration. However when we got there nothing was happening. No celebration or anything which was really weird. The Comic asked if we could visit her father's grave since it was Father's day he had died recently. So we found his grave and got flowers for him and her sister.

We had to stop back at my place since I had forgotten the concert tickets there. On the way out I realized I had forgotten more condoms. Since she needed to pick some stuff up we decided to stop at Walmart. Guess what we found? The Mid Summer Celebration at a different historic house. So we stopped by to look around and enjoy. It wasn't as structured as last time which kind of sucked. You didn't know what was happening so it was hard to plan.

Our last event of the weekend was the 38 Special/Bret Michaels/Lynyrd Skynrd concert. We had premo lawn seats with our chairs. 38 Special was very good and enjoyable. I've never seen Brett Michaels. Holy crap is this guy narcissistic. He wore 2 shirts during the show, both of them pictures of himself. The best was when he wanted to thank his dad for Father's day. So he put a picture of himself instead of his dad on the screen behind him. It was hilarious. A lightening storm was fast approaching when Skynrd was starting. We heard their first 4 songs which I had no idea what they were. I know all their hits and these weren't it. I don't know if they have a new CD coming out or what. However not hearing anything I knew and the thought of getting soaked with the possibility of electrocution we decided to leave early. It worked out well cause a little after we got back to the Comics it poured.

I awoke this morning wanted another day of the weekend which was nice since I rarely feel that way.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Sounds like you had a rockin' weekend on multiple fronts. Congrats. Keep up the good work!


Sounds like things are going good with comic and sounds like a great weekend! Glad for you!

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