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Well 1 down and 2 to go. I didn't have high hopes and it didn't disappoint. L is like me in that we are on time people. 45 minutes late they show up. Mostly because her 2 friends are stopping to talk to everyone. I pretty much knew instantly it wasn't a match for me. She was a nice person, but not much happiness inside her and it showed. The good thing about the night was that L's other friend is the one who has the place for rent. I was starting to think it was going to go south, but before I left she was like we need to talk about this. So I'll call her during the week since she admitted she sucks at that part. I did meet one of L's guy neighbors who was very entertaining.
Trying to get out of the office tonight to go dancing my new business landlord stopped by. He want to know what I wanted to do since my lease was up in January. I asked my options since I really hadn't though of any. I just wasn't looking to move. So we decided on a 3 year lease in which my rent wouldn't increase. If I re-upped it would increase then. I was good with that. Also I was happy to hear that he had hired someone to fill up all the vacancies we have in the park. That was more my worry since we are starting to have a lot of empty offices.

Dancing went well tonight. My friend couldn't make it till the end which actually worked out better. The female instructor who had helped at my patient appreciation was able to convey the things I needed to learn in a way that I understood. Mostly that I was over thinking it which is my norm. My friend was trying to push me towards the salsa like I use to do, but it's not me. I enjoy the rumba better and will shoot for taking lessons next month after Eric goes back home. They asked what I wanted to do with what I learned. I told them I had no idea, but I wanted to have the options of knowing what I was doing.

Date 2 is tomorrow at 1. A normal Starbucks date. She seems to be an experienced dater like myself so it should go smoothly either way. Out of the 3 I would put money on this one.

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OOPS. Typo! Sorry.

Sounds like your weekend was off to a good start. Here's hoping the trend continues! :-)


Catching up. I did a three date weekend once. Friday was a bust. Saturday was fun but no long-term potential. Sunday was a spur of the moment addition that turned into a nice relationship for a while. Sometimes there is no predicting!

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