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The Search Begins

Well my move out date from the house got moved up 2 weeks. With one of my weeks used up by Eric's visit, a lot of my time is gone. So I'm looking hard today for a new place. I tell you ads for places are like looking at dating profiles. You skip the ads done all in caps. Like if your place is so fantastic you don't have to yell about it. Ads that pretty much tell you nothing, but still use words. Important information like rent, size, etc are usually important facts that I would like to know. As usual there some that you can't pick out what's wrong, but them Spidey senses are a tingling. So far a lot of messages left, but no responses.

I'm trying to line my ducks up in a row so I can make everything bite sized for me to take. I know I can smoosh everything together. Looking for a place, Eric's upcoming visit, marketing the office, is the business park being sold, etc. I have to admit dating the Comic seems to be the only stable part of life right now which I'm happy for. I'll go over her place tomorrow night to make her dinner and watch a DVD.

Tone will most likely be leaving tomorrow if not Thursday which will be good. However the place looks like a disaster area with everything strewn around. Either for sale or to be sent to family members. I'll need a day to clean some space for Eric and myself downstairs to cook and eat.

Eric called me last night to ask that I send the travel information to his mom. I you know I get very annoyed with that kind of stuff. However remembering what I told my friend Paul the other day about his daughter. I was reminded that my anger comes from how I felt as a child in that position and being the go between with my parents. I have no idea how Eric feels about it.

Well so far one response to my inquiries. It's only $5 more than I'm paying now and about the same distance to work. Wish me luck.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

Timing sucks, but you have a good attitude about it. I know you'll find a decent place. Best wishes and lots of luck. If I had a lucky horseshoe, I'd toss it your way! :-)


Good luck! You have a good attitude - just deep breaths. =)


Ooh, good luck. Trust me, I totally feel your pain. I move on average once a year. Just how things end up working out. You really never know what you're going to get with those ads.


Good luck! Sending lots of good thoughts in your direction!


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