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Sane Friends


Bit sad this morning. I don't like the end of relationships as you might know. Last month my business coach missed our appointment. First time ever. A week later I got a text saying that he had been sick and he would call me. I didn't show for our next meeting since I never heard from him. However he showed for that one. So the score is even. I texted him that we would just do our next meeting which would be today. However he's a no show today. I know as accounts go I'm his smallest, although I have been the one to stick it out the longest with him since he returned to the area. With a no show this morning I take it that its over. It's a pity party in my mind to and I'll call and leave a message later since it's always hard to get to him.

What this does is I have to pull out everything I've learned in the last 1 1/2 years and keep up with everything. Accountability is going to be the rough part. While talking to Shah weekly is a help she's not one to be confrontational.

L has invited me to to meet one of her friends tomorrow night. I met her a while back when she was dating someone who was an alcoholic. I'm not quite sure if she has learned anything from that, but I'll see pretty quickly enough when all of us get together tomorrow night after my dance lesson. The weirdest thing is that she has the same name as my ex. Not saying its a deal breaker, but it will be a bit weird for me. I almost dates another woman with the same name, but it never happened.

I talked with the woman I was supposed to meet last Saturday. Again she seems to be fun to joke around with, but I get the sense that it's just not a match. Whether we'll meet or not is up in the air.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

It sucks that your business coach has let you down. I hope you have all of your stuff in one place. Sometimes you just need a push to be accountable.

I have never dated someone that hadd the same name as my husband did. That would be weird.


I hope you're spirits pick up this weekend. Dancing is always good for that.
Hang in there, Mike.

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