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Well I have a few minutes of free time to catch up with you all. I had everything memorized each day, but with everything happening it has pretty much slipped away.

Last weekend I got to meet the Comics family since they have instituted a family dinner the last weekend of the month. It was nice to meet everyone. I got to share Eating Raoul and 500 Days of Summer with her. We got to talk about relationships and what we want out of them. It's weird to have someone I'm dating say and do all the things I do in a relationship, like saying I cancelled my online profile. It's pretty cool.
The bus ride to NY was good. I had no idea what to expect so I ended up being asked to get off the bus to check in. However besides that it went smoothly. I only slept like 2 broken hours that first trip so I was a bit tired all day Monday. We got into Chinatown before 7 and I got to wander around. I forgot how much the city smells and is close together. I don't like it and the humidity didn't make matters any better. I grabbed a sandwich and took a seat over by Pace High School. I avoided all the homeless people and found a nice spot to watch all the residents of Chinatown come out to exercise. I was impressed by how many people came and went. Also by the variation on exercises that were practiced. While walking was big. Calisthenics and stretching were also very big on the side lines. I was happy to see many of the seniors walking backwards which is great for them. An interesting thing was the tapping/smacking of their bodies. It's done in massage to stimulate the muscles. So it was interesting to see everyone walking around tapping themselves. The best one and I wanted to take a picture of her, but I figured I would get arrested was of this old lady bent over smacking her own ass. It was hilarious. The other very interesting thing was watching all the seniors come out to do martial art forms with sword and fans. They may have done more, but I decided to move on.

I got to walk through some more of Chinatown and then through Little Italy. Both were barely awake during my passage. So I stopped at best rest stop around, Starbucks. I relaxed and cooled off there until I made my way over to the rental agency across the village. I was really surprised when I couldn't rent a car with my debit card. I had already done so in Florida. So I was pissed, but I quickly decided on a taxi ride to get him. However that would need more cash so I had to walk up 15 blocks to my bank to get some. I tell you my backpack was getting real heavy by then. I stopped by the Strand bookstore while I was up there. I haven't been there in about 25 years which is really freaking scary. It's not my favorite bookstore and a bit pretentious in my opinion. However it was cool and a enjoyable way to blow an hour.

I walked back down to Chinatown to pick up a souvenir for the Comic. The weirdest thing is that most of the stores didn't sell anything Chinese. It was all perfume, handbags, and jewelry. It was really hard finding a trading store. After many blocks I found one and got a lucky charm hanger for her.

My taxi ride to pick up Eric was interesting. There was a huge back up on the BQE. I had told him to go through the Battery Tunnel, but he decided on the BQE. So to avoid the traffic we did the high speed back road route. Now by high speed we must have at least been doing 55 on two way streets through Brooklyn. I had to put my seat belt on to not be thrown around the back. I have to admit we did get there pretty quick and in one piece. I'll pass on sharing on the yelling match he had with another driver.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful with us trying to stay cool which was hard with the heat index over a 100. Our bus was late which kind of sucked, but the ride back was uneventful. This time however I was able to sleep pretty well.

The ride back will be a bit different since its the holiday weekend and schedules are full. Eric and I are taking the bus back up to Chinatown. From there I'll again taxi him home and then I'll go to Laguardia airport. The bad part is that I'll be there probably 8 hours before my flight home. The good thing is that it will be in the AC and I'll bring my laptop to keep me occipied.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I wish you would've taken a photo of that lady smacking her ass! lol

Sounds like a fun day in Chinatown, but Little Italy's where I like to visit. The food's always fantastic!

Glad things are going well for you in the love dept. :)


Sounds like yout two are having a nice time despite the heat.
Love how you and Comic are getting along!


Sounds like a good time!!

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