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Okay before you read this my disclaimer is that I haven't slept in 29 hours, traveled about 350 miles, and sitting in a very uncomfortable chair. Also I'm doing something that I never thought I would be doing. It's not blogging, although at one point in my life I had no idea what it was. It's listening to music from my laptop through earphones. I always like to be in contact with the world around me, but I'm so freaking tired I just want it blocked out. I'm just entering hour 5, with 5 more to go, here at Laguardia airport in NY. Eric and I came back to NY last night and again I couldn't sleep. I was very happy that he was able to though.

Our last day went very well. We went down to the bay to enjoy the water. Knowing L really came in handy there. Since she lives close to the water there it helped with parking. As I get older I could care less about the water which Eric wasn't too happy with. Although we got to play plenty of catch and built many a sand castle. Afterwards we went to the Children's museum, but it was still under construction so we hit the zoo cause its all happening there. It was a beautiful weather day to walk it.

The only snag in the day was that my ex had gotten Eric a cell phone before he left. As usual it wasn't about him, but her neurosis. Eric had kept in touch with her several times a day with it. So yesterday he texted her in the morning, but left the phone home since we went to the beach and he didn't want it damaged or loss. I didn't see anything wrong with his thinking especially since I would have my phone in case of any emergencies. Oh boy did she go off on him. He was crying when he got off the phone with her. It gave us a lot to talk about and I was honest with him how his mother is. I didn't put her down, but did explain that his mom had a problem (I didn't tell him that she has borderline personality disorder) and how I dealt with it. It really bonded us which is what it use to do when I was still married.

On the mother front, my Mom is now non-responsive. She's not eating or taking her medicine so I know she'll go soon which will be good. My brother and SIL have been a bit weird with it. My SIL was like keep us informed so we can come down if we need to. I was like if you want to say goodbye come on down cause once she's dead I'll have everything done with her in about 2 hours. I get very blunt when it comes to death and my Mom. My brother was asking if it was legal to not feed our Mom. I told him it was our Mom's decision not to have a feeding tube and we had both agreed on this several months ago. I don't think either of them have thought this all the way through. I think it's probably be the distance.

I tell you if the airport had some decent chairs it would be a fun experience here. The good so far is that I'm below 30 blog entries to still read in my Reader and I've caught up on my mail. The bad is that everything is 10 times more expensive here. On the food side I know they got me so I just fork the money over. But hey with all the other stuff come on. Oh yeah the airport is where I know I'll get a great deal on jewelry. Hey look t-shirts on sale for $30. The only thing free here is the ass raping.

Since I had that credit from last November that I need to use before I lose it. I'm taking the airline home. The Comic will be picking me up kicking us up another notch in the relationship scale with the airport pickup. I'll be kicked up another notch in 2 weeks when I move.

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Almost home! Traveling can be exhausting.

My kids are off traveling with their Dad and I got a series of texts from my older son last night wanting to talk about his plans for college and uncertainties about major. I told him it deserved a serious conversation and would welcome that when he got back, but to try to focus on the trip for now.

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