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A lot is going on right now. The Comic and I spent the weekend getting stuff ready for my move Saturday. I'll pretty much have a lot of new furniture for my new place. I finished up the wrought iron headboard yesterday. The queen size bed has nice new linens and the Comic was over-joyed that I had 2 crappy pillows to use the shams for. I'm pretty much using all the furniture I got for my Mom. It's solid wood, who knew? I liked it which was why I got it. The Comic loves it also and was happy to see I have taste. Now it's just finishing up the packing. My room is slowly running out of room. The rest of the house is a disaster area. Tone had to push off the estate sale one week because they got into one of the other attics and it was packed full of stuff. I swear the house looks like a hoarders place. There is a tiny path through the house with objects with price tags on it all over the place. The only thing that it's antiques or good stuff instead of junk.

The time I'm on my own I have moments of melancholy. Nothing major, just processing everything. From my Mom's death to the upcoming move.

Today is the Comic and I's one monthaversary. It was nice to have both of us be excited about it. I like how she lets me know how she feels and what she find special about me on a daily basis. It's very different for me. I have to admit that I'm happier than I have ever been with a woman before.
The funny thing is how I just slipped into the Comic's family life. Not so much with her kids, but with her mom and older sister. We played cards yesterday and it was a fun thing. Not use to this family stuff.

The office is still slow this week. While I've been able to get some of my older patients to come in. The lack of new patients is hurting any growth. I pulled out my old notebook from with my business coach to see what I've done in the past to redo stuff.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

My grandma collected antiques and when she died there wasn't an empty spot in her house where an item was. She had price tagged every item so that when we went to sell it, we would know how much it was worth. It was a little crazy.


Congratulations on the anniversary.

I know what it's like to go through stuff like that. It'll be gone soon enough.

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