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Sane Friends

The Weekend Update

I made it back home tonight. I'd been back just for short periods during the days to either pick stuff up or grab a fast shower. Friday I had a hard time connecting with the Comic since she had used my mechanic to fix her car and then she broke down. We used my towing service to get her back and they made it up to her by giving her a brand new part. I had to be honest with her about how I was feeling responsible. She was okay with everything and me being open helped me reconnect.

It was the Comic's birthday and I took her out for some great sushi. Then we met up with her SIL to go to an art show. It was a small one, but as always it was nice to hang with the Comic. We did announce that we were in a relationship on Facebook which was a step for us. Plus I got a picture of us together so we each could have pictures for our rooms. It was the first time for her to have a bf pic in her room.

Talking to Eric was a bit of a bumpy ride. He was asking if I could drive and get him instead of the bus. He was saying that it messed up his sleeping schedule even though he slept well on the bus. I didn't mention that I couldn't sleep at all. I told him it was too much for my car. I didn't stress it too much, but I did state that if his mom could bring him to the airport that the problem would be solved. I doubt if it will make a difference, however it knocked me for a while. As always I want to do most the most for my son, but I can't kill myself along the way.

I took the Comic to see Les Miserables. It was my most enjoyed played I had ever seen. This was a high school production and done very well. I was very impressed with the what the kids could do.

The weekend was filled with trying a few new eateries which I had gotten gift certificates for. All the places were good. The Comic had a bump in the road with her dryer dying. A quick search found out the the part would be from $40-80 and I found one on Craig's List for $45. It was a freaking hot day to be moving it, but she was happy to have a working dryer back in her place.

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Sounds like you had a full weekend! Nice.

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