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People keep saying I'm going to have this big episode about my Mom's death. I don't know if they're right or wrong, but I've been good with it. I have my moments of sadness, but that is about it. I realized this morning why that may be. Having her dead is easier on me then when she was alive. Yesterday 2 separate things came up that I needed to do concerning my Mom. Then my stress level shot from a 1 to a 10. I was very happy to say the Comic found solutions for me in a few seconds that made it all better.

The first hurdle was that the cremation place called asking for a picture of my Mom to verify her since it was a new state law as of July 1st. I knew I had one since I just packed it in a box to ship to my brother. However my place and the cremation place were in opposite directions in the city. The Comic asked if I had anything on my computer I could email. Happily I did and they were good with it. Crisis averted.

The second one was when my SIL called and left a message. She wanted to know since people had been asking her about donations for my Mom. She had a good idea about something for the people who took care of my Mom since we know they don't make that much money. However I didn't want to do the footwork. Honestly in my head I don't fucking want to do anything else. The Comic suggested that I have them do the work since it could be done on the phone while they were on vacation in Florida. It was bump in the road for my brother when I told him, but my SIL happily said she would take care of it. Again crisis averted.

So last night the Comic and I started packing up my stuff for my move. I will take Tone up on her offer to leave stuff in my room to be sold in the estate sale. Hey if I get $30 it's more than I would get from the thrift store. The Comic also knows someone who sells beds cheap. So I will update my mattress which is old.

It's 3 more days to the one month point for the Comic and I. We both feel like we've known each other longer since things are going very well. We both know that we both are attracted to each other as well as feeling safe with each other.

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Sounds to me like you're in good shape, Mike. Keep up the good work. I love how your relationship with Comic keeps growing and deepening. Very inspiring. :-)


I am glad that comic has been there for you through all of this. She sounds like a keeper!

I still can't get an email to go throught to you. Sorry if I am not responding to your comments. They are always appreciated.


Mike, I'm so sorry for your loss and to be belated in offering condolescenses. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. It just happens (or doesn't).
Keep faith,


ps let me try that word again:
condolences (?)
Take care!

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