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I want to thank everyone for the kind words. Doing well just tired. I'm good for about half the day before I start pooping out. If I get a nap I'm good to go. I also grabbed a massage yesterday to help with my muscles after all the travelling.

I pretty much finished everything up with my Mom yesterday for now. It's the waiting game now for the death certificates which will allow me to talk to her insurance agent. I need to check to see if their is anything I need to do with her social security. Although I'm sure her facility will take care of that. I finished informing everyone that I'm going to inform.

It was nice to have the Comic come over last night and go over pictures, mine and my Mom's. It was nice to be proud of how beautiful my Mom was. The Comic was good to fill in blanks that I've had on why certain decisions my Mom made. She has been good in that respect for a lot of things which has made it easier to put things to bed.

It's slow as molasses here at the office this week. The Comic is going to come by tomorrow and help me develop some marketing for the office since its what she does. I have to be thankful to Kitcat for helping me be open to asking for help again. It had been a long time coming.

I think I may have to go out and buy a bunch of toggle switches. Going to all the museums with Eric, we hit a bunch of exhibits with knobs, switches, etc. I tell you it's such a guy thing I know, but that stuff gives me a hard on (not really). I could stand there all day flipping them since it gives me so much pleasure.

I tell you I'm happy that I don't have to pack much up for my move cause I'm not in the mood to do it. Besides some books and games everything else will go as is.

I was happy to see the website for Eric's new school. It's for the gifted and talented. Like I informed Eric last week I was always worried that he wasn't being pushed enough in school. I'm happy than now he will. Also they are part of the ARIS system so I can follow Eric's school work on like since my ex is about as useful as tits on a bull with filling me in on him. Now I can just skip the middle person.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

The graphic is absolutely priceless. Love it.

Very pleased to hear that Comic is being there with you in this way. I think it says something very positive about how your relationship with her has evolved. Good work on staying open!

Nice that you can now skip over the ex on staying up on what Eric is doing. Good for you!


Men fall into two categories. One is the love of destruction as in taking apart things and the other is knobs, buttons, switches and the like. My husband is the destoyer and my dad was like you. So much so that I often joked that I was gonna buy him a Busy-Box for Christmas. (Ask a grandma what that is, if you aren't familiar.) Anything I can do to help with your settling of you mom's things, e-mail middlechild54@gmail.com. I took care of things when my second husband died as well as my father. Peace.


Just sending you positive thoughts and energy.

You have seen my own grieving, so I know I don't have to tell you it can be a slow process. Don't hesitate to reach out to those who care.





Im glad that Comic is there to help you through this difficult time.

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