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In My Dreams - Heather

I see I'm especially failing with this new entry of being regular with it. What can I say I just go with the flow of writing and I'll blame the rest on life. Yeah life that it'll work. Anyway this time around is a long time crush. Now I have to admit it's never been super heavy, but it has spanned decades and every time I see her I say she's attractive. It's Heather Locklear who I first saw on the Fall Guy and then on TJ Hooker. Both true classics of the small screen. I was never a Melrose Place fan and I can pass a lie detector test to prove it.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

She's aging really well for a blonde, as well!


Hey Mike. I'm just catching up on your blog. Glad you had a nice time with Eric, the Comic's family, etc.
Nice pics on all the posts, even this one. (I too have a thing for Heather Locklear. But I just remembered I still haven't switched teams.)


I'd hit that if I had the right plumbing!


She is hot!!
Hey, I can't seemt to get my emails to go through to you! You still have the same email addy?

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