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Sane Friends


Well with the help of the Comic I now am the proud owner of a big boy bed. The bed guy didn't have any full size so I upped to a queen size bed. With the price being $125 I wasn't going to quibble. I should be picking up a frame off of Craig's list for it tomorrow morning. The Comic's SIL had a wrought iron headboard for it which she gave to me. Now I just need to create something to attach it to the bed since that part was thrown out. Due to my being color blind I had the Comic help me pick up out a bed set which she did great.

The interesting thing as she helps me pack is that she points out that I have the life of a person that has loss everything. She points this out since I have very little in the way of stuff. It's a true fact. When I was young with out moves I would lose friends all the time. During my teen years my possessions were always of low priority and were tossed with any move. My ex took everything else. So maybe my poverty mentality has a different twist on it. Never getting anything to prevent it being taken away by someone else. You know strike first before someone else does even though it is to my own detriment.

((Not a picture of my bed))

2 people had cathartic therapy:

It isn't uncommon for single men to have pretty sparse lodgings. Either that, or decorated like it's a dorm room. Both options strike me as depressing. Life is so short, why not take a little trouble to make your surroundings comfortable?


Ha, I am just the opposite. I had nothing growing up either, so now I need everything in abumndance. It is not a good way to be!

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