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Rising Hurdles

Getting ready for some hurdle jumping this week. The first one is for work. I want to use my neighborhood business group as a template to make a medical one. I figured the country club down the street would be biting at the bit to have a room of doctors they could try to sign up for membership. I'm hoping they'll toss in some soft drinks and hors d'oeuvres. Since I'm not out to make any direct money for this I don't want to pay anything. If they don't go for it, I may have to try the hospital or people will have to pay to attend. Medical doctors are use to being catered too so I don't think that will work so well. Now I just have to get the ball in motion which is feeling harder than it should.

The other hurdle is my Mom's ashes. I was expecting to get all the life insurance money. I would use it to travel for the service and then split it between my brother and myself. However I got half and he got the other. I tell you I don't feel like spending money on this. I'd be happy to send him half her remains to dispose of them as he sees fit. I can do that here at the beach which was her wishes. My Mom didn't dictate where other than on the beach. I'll talk to my brother in the next day or two to work something out.

The picture is of the Comic and myself outside the art show the other day.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

So, that's the Comic, huh? :-) Great picture!

Best of luck on starting the new group. Understand about not wanting to shell out bucks up front.


Good luck with the new group!

The Comic sure is cute!


Awesome picture! You both loook really happy!


Aww, you guys make a really cute couple!

T x


Nice pic! Sorry to hear about your mom. All the best!

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