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The Crushing Clutter

I tell you losing my Mom is nothing compared to the chaos of the house. I'm constantly knocking into stuff and it's tumbling to the floor. I feel like a rat in a maze in my room. I can't believe how the chaos is destroying my mental sanity when I'm there. The Comic is coming over tonight to help me finish up packing. She also wants to organize everything in my room so it's not so disruptive to me.

I was surprised to get the phone call to come pick up my Mom's ashes today. I had stopped by the thrift store on the way to the place. They had a nice antique box which I picked up to hopefully place in it. The cashier asked what I was doing with the box. I told her it was for my Mom's ashes. I don't think she'll be asking anyone ever again. I was surprised that their was a lot more remains than I thought.

I did get a great gift from one of my patients today. Where she does physical therapy, she met someone that works in my Mom's facility. She told this story: Your Mom hadn't been talking much, and one day Debbie was trying to get her to eat. Debbie told your Mom that you were paying her $20 an hour to see that she ate. Your Mom said, "He's being robbed." Because she hadn't talked in a while, everyone just cracked up! It made my day and gave me several hours of laughter.

The office is still slow this week. I can't believe how much a difference it is from the last 2 weeks.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

I remember going through my grandmother's house when she died - so much stuff! In the end, we decided on an estate sale and let them do the bulk of the work. It's not an easy place to find yourself in.


I can't imagine how rough it is right now. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you the best. <3


That is a great, humorous story about your mom. I'm glad she shared that with you.
Keep faith,

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