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I'm slowly getting through all your blogs, mostly on my Blackberry so there is a lack of commenting on my part. I should be able to fully catch up Sunday when I'm hanging out at the airport.
I got the call from my Mom's hospice nurse that I should come see her since she had taken a turn for the worse. I think it was worse on Eric since his grandfather is also in hospice. He complained he couldn't get a break. It was rough on my end to try to explain a different way to look at it instead of that victim mentality of "woe is me". She had full body tremors and was foaming. She was unresponsive. I told her flat out she could go. This morning she is stable again. I'll see her tonight to see where she is at. I almost feel like the boy who cried wolf with talking to my friends about the situation.
I love my son, but I should have nicknamed him "half ass". Getting tired of keeping on him about stuff. I doubt my ex keeps on him about stuff. I see a lot of her bad habits in him. Besides that we've had a fun week together. While I'm complaining I have to add my ex onto that list. I know I should accept this but it still smarts. This week on her free time she's driving to NJ to see friends. Still can't make it to the airport for me and Eric though. This played out when Eric wanted to get a bunch of souvenirs for her and I was against paying for it. I gave him a price limit which he argued about, but he finally accepted what I was offering.

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Sounds like you're having a pretty good trip. Have fun for the rest and a safe return home.


That's tough about your Mom. But she'll let go when she's ready.

I often find the things that irritate me most about my kids are bad habits I have myself, so I've been trying to watch what I model.



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