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500 Channels and Nothing On

One of the new perks at my new place is free cable. I haven't had the stuff for 6 years and I hear everyone sing its praises. So for the last couple of nights I take about 5 minutes and run through all the channels. I must be missing something cause its all crap. Actually that's how I entertain myself as I go through the channels. I say "crap" at each channel. I just don't get it. I'd rather be doing a million other things than watching it.

I finally cooked in the place last night. Well sort of. I nuked a bunch of stuff since I got home late. I have my own shelf in the pantry which is nice. The refrigerator is a no man's zone with no order at all. Not enjoying that, but I'll live.

I will tell you I love my new bed. Sleeping in it is so good. I can't believe I kept my old bed so long.

I'm dealing with a leaky boat this week in the office. For every patient I have coming in another reschedules out of this week. Mike's getting very frustrated.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

There's nothing better than a bed you love. I had to get rid of my sleep number bed for my wife and I've hated every one since. Note to self for when I move! :-)


When all else fails, there is always one of the 905 Law & Order episodes on.


That's 500 more reasons why I'm proud to be Tv-less.

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